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Thatch maintenance happens just as well as to any other house with convencional roof material. Some may be exposed to harsher weather conditions and thus may require more maintenance. But in general maintaining your roof in check at all times will save you money in the long run.

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Thatch Roof and Lapa Repairs:

Repairs in general

It means any sort of repairs required to any Lapa or House Thatch Roofs, (usually early structural problems) or/and thatch degradation. Looking after your thatch is always in the interst of every thatch home owner.

Thatch Maintenance

It means reJuvenating your Lapa or Thatch Roof to new. Brush and Comb - It comprises of an exterior Full-Dress Brush, interior Comb, re-Varnish all main Structural poles, re-Paint the Ridge & re-Paint your Braai Unit, etc. Special attention is required to always keep in check areas like thatch valleys which are considered the weakest areas in any thatch roof as they tend to retain most of humidity. When you see [loose wires] on your roof view here.

Re-Thatch repairs

Usually needed when the Thatch requires new grass on it. This means stripping the last or original layer and re-fit a new one.

Over-Thatch repairs

Usually required when your roof needs a whole new layer of grass. Quite common on houses as the original layer is to last only a few years (see Thatching guide Lines from CSIR).

Thatch Umbrellas:

Usually a re-Thatch is required. For steel structure frames is quite impossible to brush or overlay new.

Be sure to check out our [blog page] regarding all Thatch related work and ways to maintain your thatch always in top notch condition without having to spend extravagants sums of money

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