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VIGO's Pizza Ovens

VIGO's pizza ovens are buil just the right way to cook and cook all the way, thick walls make the difference.

custom pizza ovens

.. yea,yeah, can do pizzas now !!


.. no, no.. not only pizzas, with our ovens you can also cook roasts, breads and other foods.

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very, very nice things like a leg of lamb, roasts, home traditional bread, muffins, hot tomatoes, etc, etc

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outdoors pizza oven

.. yea,yeah, can do pizzas now !!
  • a wall thickness worth the firing up,
  • we build mainly dome ovens,
  • The oven chamber is topped with a circular parabolic dome built from firebrick. The dome share is designed to efficiency absorb heat from a wood fire, and to evenly reflect stored heat, and heat from a live fire inside the oven, to the cooking surface. The oven is constructed using a High Heat Mortar.
  • The firebricks that make up the dome provide a majority of the oven's ability to hold heat, and will allow the oven to deliver the high temperatures that are needed for cooking pizza.
  • Unlike a fireplace, where the chimney is inside the firebox in the back, the brick oven's vent and chimney are outside of the oven -- in the front. Typically, a steel vent is attached to the housing which encloses the oven chamber.
  • After the oven elements have been assembled, the oven is covered with insulation and vermiculite base concrete.
  • Oven enclosures or skin are completly customised and we discuss and chose it with you.

We take pride in our work and enjoy executing our services with a smile no matter how small or big of the project. We have base in Sterkfontein in the West Rand of Gauteng and cover the whole of the Gauteng. We are also equiped to execute work outside the Gauteng, please use our "enquiries section page" ..