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Thatch roof calculator

We provide services in the fitting and repairs of Lapas, Gazebos and Roof Thatch houses of the following:

We build all types of geometrical lapa and thatch roof styles and shapes. Also customisable sizes of some type that you have in mind of if open to our suggestions, we have plenty to offer you since we have been buiding lapas and thatched roofs for a long time. We do work all over South Africa with emphasis in the Gauteng area.

The calculator bellow will aid you in getting an idea of the square meter area that you looking at although try to compensate or rather include the over hangs of the thatch roof as these include in the foot print area. We work on foot print rather than pitched roofs depending on few other factors too.

Calculate the size of your new thatch roof or exisiting with on this calculator ::

Before you set yourself out to calculate the square meterage of your future Lapa or Gazebo, you should first decided where you would like it to be situated, taking in considerations certain important aspects, like for example:
  • open areas, next to a Swimming pool,
  • stand alone units,
  • adjoining to existing houses,
  • to create harmony of existing garden or house,
  • shading onto sun-bade locations,
  • Thatch house extensions,
  • for corporate or residential usage,
  • business alternative wanna-dos,

    To work out the area of your proposed Thatch or Lapa its an easy process:

    Simply enter the dimensions in meters and prompt for the answer ..

    Find the area of a:
    The base is:    The height is:

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