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Lumi Bricks are LED light bricks

For enhancement of your entertainment area

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Vigo Worx - Sole Agents - Gauteng & Mpumalanga for Lumi Bricks:

  • Our offering is the only laminating decorative product of set paving on the South African market. The bricks are manufactured in cast form with electronic devices embedded inside. This revolutionary technology offers the highest quality and is resistant to humidity and resilient in extreme temperatures, which makes it possible to use in any type of environment for years.
  • It is a unique decorative product on the market because it does not have the form of an ordinary lamp; but a "stepping-stone" whose shapes and sizes conform to the standard concrete paving stones. This allows the paved surface to be more attractive and it is undoubtedly the most eye-catching feature to create beautiful night landscapes in your homes, gardens, businesses, towns and buildings.
  • In the daylight the luminous paving bricks are almost inconspicuous from ordinary paving bricks which gives an impression of uniformity of the entire paved surfaced.
  • The luminous paving bricks can be used in many areas: Outlining of driveways and parking areas, Staircases, Swimming pools, Paths, Illuminate gardens, Lapa's and braai areas, Illuminate facades of buildings.
  • The luminous paving bricks use LED technology as a source of light and it guarantees energy saving due to the low voltage used and safety. The bricks are available in five different colours: white, blue, green, red and yellow, which allows for endless unforgettable visual effects. A wide selection of shapes and sizes provide an opportunity to match the luminous bricks to many standard concrete pavement bricks that are currently available on the market.

    Luminous paving bricks available in 4 groups:

    • Paving Bricks
    • Frontal Facing Bricks
    • Garden Stone Bricks
    • RGB: Remote operated bricks.
    • Colored Reed Spray to the interior of the Lapa
    • Decorative roof "figure imprint" to thatch Roofs
    • Wooden Decks
    • Wooden and Bamboo Poles
    • Ballustrading
    • Paneling Timber to enclose your area
    • Half Round poles
    • Rustic garden type furniture
    • Lighting, electrical points, down-lights and spot-lights
    • Fire Protection
    • Lightning Poles


  • To view the full Product Range of LumiBricks please drop us an email

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    Luminous Paving Bricks are imported directly from the EU

    The manufacturing technology, design and entire illumination system is patent protected and we are the sole distributor of this product in South Africa and the African continent.