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Thatching Lapas and house roofs

.. put a little shade into your sunshine

or you already have but need a spice up.

We are the Thatching company that you should be talking to. Would it be for Thatching of new house Roofs, Lapas and Gazebos, recreational and entertainment areas, Decking / wooden floors or Tiled Floors, complete build up of Braai Units with lighting/electrification, chimney, Cowling, etc, (all you have to do is to is light up the charcoal), click here to [visit our gallery to see more].

Guaranteed workmanship and expertise ready to offer you a peace and tranquility on mini turn-key project . . . your new Thatch Lapa.

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thatching garantee "Five Star service"

.. our thatch, perfect for all weather

Wheather you have your Lapa in your backyard or is your main house, Thatch gives you that great feelling to anbiance in all seasons right around the year. Cool in warm wheather and warmth in winter. Spicy it up with a fire place..

.. add a theme to your thatch and entertainment area

Lets us help you design and add a touch of finess to your hideout with rustic accessories that complement your future thatch experience or existing enterteinment area or thatch house. Add a pizza oven and enhance that area wih LumiBricks. If you not sure on how to enhance your entretainment area just give us a call or leave a message in our [contacts page] here.

Don't forget to visit our [thatch blog] section to learn more about thatch maintenance related articles on how to keep [your thatch maintenance] free.

We offer rustic accessories that complement and enhance your thatch Lapa and thatch house giving you a superior finishing such as colored cape reed, namibian reed, zulu rope, rustic and pvc blinds, thatch extensions, thatch umbrellas, skylights, built-in braai units with counter tops and under braai doors, fully operating worktops with veggie prep and running water, stone caldding, smart paving and many other .. to experience our work please view our [ thatch gallery images here]

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We execute thatch repairs in Gauteng and other country areas, inquire within to find out. Thatch repairs include as part of our services to thatch maintenance, structural thatch repairs, re-thatch, over thatch, brush exterior and comb interior, thatch leak repairs and any other required work.

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