Thatch Footline

In some parts of South Africa also referred to as Footlaag.. but pretty much the end of your thatch roof and also referred as eaves.

what to look for in your thatch Thatch Footline ?

Footline gives a straight indication that your roof is in need of maintenance. Having them in a near “perfect straight line” it gives first impression to any house or lapa.

In other cases thatch rooflines are curved and form different odd lines that makes thatched houses so much more appealing.

Footlining work is a time consuming job since it requires the thatcher to pull the grass ends out of line so it can be hit or re-compacted back to one new original level line.

Thatch roof foot lines
ps: notice this Lapas’ roof footlines

Doing this can be easier said than done as this work entails hit back continuously at at particular height requiring the most stamina out of any thatcher where experience plays another great role.

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