Loose wires on your Thatch

During your walk around your thatch house look out for loose wires hanging out or when they are clearly visible in the roof plane. When these happens is clear sign that thickness of your roof is been compromised and needs filling up to make it back to its original thickness.

The purpose of these wires are to cross tie the grass bundles during [construction phase]. Other materials used to achieve the same purpose can include natural products such as cape reed which are also commonly used and acceptable.

Repairs to this issue include filling it up with new fresh grass and in most aggravated cases re-thatch or overlay may be required to get it back to acceptable conditions.

Providing you have a thatcher of your trust advice on the repair can be quite tricky to get to grips and choice of repair. Usually which ever advice or choice given do make sure you are provided with an alternative to compensate your budget expenditure.

Be sure to check back in our next edition when we chat about Thatch Footline.

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