Attention to Thatch roof valleys

Hello again and since our last blog where we chatted about executing “your own thatch inspection” thus reducing maintenance and costs.

Lapa with clear valleys
Visible cleared thatched valleys

The above Lapa demonstrates valleys clearly over-thatched and open. Also notice that there aren’t any trees or shaded areas visibly affecting the valleys.

In this blog we will be chatting about thatch roof valleys.

How to inspect your thatch roof valleys

Inspection of thatch roof valleys. A weak link on every thatched
house or thatched roof for that matter. Humidity tends to be number one issue in most cases and the reason is pretty evident. Usually valleys like any other valley that you know including geographical natural areas are the most humid places for which in thatch roofs is no different.

It is quite difficult and always impossible to build or draft a house where all valleys can be exposed to sunlight and for this reason makes house roof valleys specially in thatched houses one of the most important areas to keep an eye on to avoid degradation and subsequent [high repairs].

Half Moon Thatched Lapa
Entertainment area featuring a Half Moon thatched Lapa.

In above picture we can see how the contractor was able to avoid having valleys in this project. No Valleys to observe. why are thatched roof valleys so important ?

These are the sections where two roof planes meet and join and a place where biggest amounts of water will follow path to run off. They can take longer to dry also depending geographical position of north/south position of your house thus with more/less sun light and a chance to make dry faster or slower. By talking to “VigoThatching experts” they can help you in finding workable solutions for your applications. Some that spring to mind can be like in some cases as the best alternative would be to install a galvanised flashing under the valley area where the two planes are meeting which then in this case it will change the look of your thatch by ending up with two separate areas. It may look odd if you are not careful so do chat to your contractor so you don’t get any unforeseen surprises for when he is done and is presenting you with the bill. It is a different concept and if well planned ahead you can then go with a new theme and building style.

Another good option if you are planning to build a new thatch house is to check with your architect and discuss with him the various different roof topology options such as gable type house roofs. They are extremely practical from a maintenance point of view and it offers the advantages of extending your house at a later stage without having layout issues such as roofs facing each other and/or overhanging each other.

Thatched house in the prairie.
Beautiful thatched house demonstrating clean valleys

In many cases thatch valleys require high maintenance and filling up a bit more of grass is less expensive than having to re-thatch it. In this [link here repairs] can be executed by Vigo Thatching technicians. You just need to drop them a message so they can dispatch help your way.

So keeping an eye on it is of pretty much high importance in your maintenance check list! Look out for our next post when we chat about “Loose wires in your Thatch”

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