Thatch inspection

Executing an inspection of your own thatch

Executing an inspection of your own thatch is a task that can be tedious just as much as fun if you are to do it yourself.
It is a function that can be executed by your self or you can have a professional to come over and do it for you though it may be at a cost.

There are obviously numerous advantages weather you do it your self or get that professional which you think has the know how and being able
to read between the lines of his recommendations.

In this list you will write down the areas that require your attention and observation. A stroll around the house inspecting your own thatched roof could not be easier and equally leading saving yourself some unexpected budget surprises.

If you require one of our service technicians to visit you and access your thatch, please feel free to request [here] at this link.

We service all areas in the Gauteng and nearby areas

Inspection list used on Thatch builds:

  1. Thatch roof valleys
  2. Loose wires
  3. Thatch Footline
  4. Roof plane
  5. Eaves corners
  6. Thatch Overhangs
  7. Thatch thickness
  8. Ridging cap or concreted ridge
  9. Chimney condition
  10. Dormer window areas
  11. Drafter ends
  12. Fire and lightning protection

We service all areas in the Gauteng and nearby areas. For any thatch work areas contact us at on the following link.

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