Looking after your Thatch Roof

Looking after your Thatch roof couldn’t be much different to any other type of roof such as ceramic roof tiles or other types providing you know what to look for. In our “thatching Blog” section you can find all tips relating to keeping your thatch always in tip top condition. All builds are subject to deterioration and require maintenance at one time or other.

Is it worth keeping up with the maintenance periods.. is it worth maintaining your motor vehicle, running it without service intervals and oil changes? well ..

Talking to insurance experts they will be able to give you a good number of reasons to do it. The mortgage owners will emphasize on it as if they life would depend on it running they comprehensive items to the teeth.

General condition of your thatch are straight away pointers that come to mind.

thatching blog

Does your Thatch look tatty / flat/ dull.. doesn’t have to, just give us a call or drop us [an email right here]

All these are good indications that lack of maintenance exists. Usually a brush would solve that issue though you need to consider when the last time it had a brush so you don’t do it unnecessary thus reducing thatch roof thickness making your house colder.
A crisp thatch look is want you would prefer to have and ultimately always want.

If unsure about the condition of your thatch, do not bother to stress one bit longer. just give as call and we will send our technicians to your location for a free of charge quotation.

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Thatched umbrella
Beautiful scene for a thatched umbrella

We service all areas in the Gauteng and nearby areas. For any thatch work areas contact us at on the following link.

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