Thatching Maintenance

Maintenance like any other type of roof

It is quite simple to maintain your thatch when you are a home owner. It involves making up a small list and run a ‘no have to’ priority schedule for when to do it.

As far long as people began building thatch roofs and thatch entertainment areas the most talked about and talked about has been the maintenance required to it.
Thatch houses and building form a natural beauty to it that can be quite indescribable by many yet its beauty remains in place to be enjoyed and used by many.

Thus bring us to the true grits on to maintain your thatch?

At a glance it can be quote obvious that by calling out a thatch expert or company most issues can be solved at the exchange of coin.
Although after numerous re call of maintenance periods and having to revisit many times the same issues makes you wonder weather you entrusted the right professional to the task at hand.

After a few years of owning your own thatch house it becomes more apparent of the areas that require more attention and vigilance.
Understanding that thatch is a high maintenance build it will straight away make you twitch or accept the challenge.

If you require one of our professional members to visit you and access your thatch, please feel free to request [here] at this link.

Old Lapa
Lapa that needs repairs and maintenance.

Check list tips regarding the “exterior of thatch roofs” can be viewed such as:

hot check points

But it can’t all be doom providing you take these golden steps at heart:

  1. you understand at starts the current condition of your thatch,
  2. begin to track its condition as time progresses,
  3. get in the habit of making a record of it,

Once you have these facts at hand it then becomes extremely easier to then call the professional to execute exactly what repairs as deemed necessary and why the further recommendations.

Staying away from cheap repairs might always be a great idea since the repairs quote needs to be based on thatcher reputation, material costs to execute such repair and once things begin to go wrong can you call him back!?

also look at how to execute your own “thatch inspection”[here] at this link.

The most difficult thing is to understand the method chosen for the repair as it happens that thatch handlers come from different geographical
areas in Africa and chances are your thatch roof was developed by some other style although appealing but not necessarily practical to maintain.
The local market is flooded with thatchers from all over Africa and everyone claiming better results than others.

This would be one main reason to use a company versus a passer claiming to “know how” come execute thatch repairs at your place rather than somebody that can give you some referrals and offer you some sort of guarantees.

.. more on Interior Thatch Checks in our next blog

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